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Domestic Violence and Abuse

  • If you are in an abusive relationship or need information on domestic violence you can ring the Adventist Support line free of charge:
    • Australia 1800 220 468
    • Norfolk Island 1800 1410
    • New Zealand 0800 442 458
  • If you are a pastor or a leader in your community and need resources to educate people about domestic violence, visit the Violence in Families Taskforce webpage.
  • If you are looking for counselling services, you can contact the Family Ministries department for recommended services. 


The Domestic Violence in Families Committee is committed to highlighting the issues of domestic violence, and resourcing the church to be effective in its ministry in this special area of need.  Workshops have been conducted around Australia and New Zealand, highlighting the issues of domestic violence and providing resources to equip church leaders.

Below is a list of resources provided by the committee to help you and your community deal with domestic violence in families.

About a Women's Refuge 

Real-life Stories

Helping the Abused

The Role of the Church

Fact Sheets on Domestic Violence

Brochures on Domestic Violence

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