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True Love Waits

This is a resource for young people to say 'no' to sex before marriage. True Love Waits was started by Richard Ross, a youth worker in USA. Richard decided to show teenagers just how many of their peers were still virgins and that it was perfectly acceptable to remain chaste until marriage.

True Love Waits Goals

Our main goals are for the youth of Australia to:

  • Make informed, responsible decisions
  • Unite, speak out and stand together in taking pride in their virginity/secondary virginity
  • Be made aware of the good, positive reasons to wait until marriage
  • Live, experience and find true love in their lives
  • Be given tools to combat the immense pressure to become sexually active

To find out more visit their website Educational resourcs are also listed under the Products link.

You can contact the Women's Ministries department if you would like an information pack on True Love Waits. Other resources the department can offer you -

  • "Basics for Sexual Education in the Home" by Alberta Mazat, well renowned Seventh-day Adventist writer. This is useful for parents and educational purposes.
  • "Staying Pure" by Stephanie Perry Moore. A good romantic story for young people.

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